2013 Concert Season Wrap

The two “Portraits” concerts over the weekend of 16th – 17th November brought the GCPO’s 2013 season to a thrilling conclusion. An innovative melting pot of artwork, still photography, video projection and – of course! – music, the event served to celebrate the richness of our local art scene. In addition to those artists who exhibited paintings, and others who created works ‘live’ during the concert, it was a pleasure to showcase the talents of three individuals who have worked closely with the orchestra; artist John Harrison, photographer Ichi Yanome and videographer Patrick Stapleton. A programme featuring popular favourites from Mussorgsky, Verdi, Grieg, Schubert, Shostakovich and more received a great ovation from the crowd; it’s a shame that the summer storms kept some of our audience away. If you weren’t there on Saturday night to hear the extra bottom-end ‘oomph’ from three double basses, then I’d say you definitely missed out!

The 2nd violin section posing for a photo at "Portraits".
The 2nd violin section posing for a photo at “Portraits”.

Looking back at a year that has been successful for the Orchestra on every level, perhaps the highlight for me was the excitement of performances at several new venues. It’s always a risk departing from your established routine, but the audience reaction to our going “on the road” has been wonderful. After the traditional Anzac show at Robina, returning to the Orchestra’s home base in Ashmore for the “In The Spotlight” concert produced our biggest crowd in quite a while … which was then equalled by “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” at the fine new auditorium in Helensvale, where the youngest generation were introduced to orchestral sound (and loved it)! Likewise, the wonderful facilities so generously made available to us for the “Portraits” event by the Queensland Academy for Health Sciences were thoroughly enjoyed by everybody. Hence, we hope to return to these venues in 2014, and trust that we shall see you there.

ANZAC show at Robina.

Lastly, all of these events can only be staged through a huge collaborative effort from the musicians and a substantial troupe of volunteers, so we thank each and every one of them … just as we thank all those of you who have attended our concerts through the year. We also express our special gratitude for the very generous backing of sponsors like the City of Gold Coast and Dr. Peter Ochsenbein’s Mudgeeraba Foundation, all of which does so much to keep the wheels turning.

Teddy Bears' Picnic at Helensvale
Teddy Bear’s Picnic at Helensvale

Andy Fawcett
GCPO Friends Representative