Celeste Graham – Double Bass

Where were you born?
Emerald, Queensland

If you weren’t born on the Gold Coast, when did you move here?
December, 2011, so not long.

Who was your most influential person in terms of your music career?
One of my music teachers, Mal Thompson. He was inspirational when I was a student, becoming a good friend and colleague when I started teaching myself.

Do you play any other instruments?
Cello mainly, but I adore my ukulele too! Great at recorder as well 🙂

What is your occupation?
Primary school music teacher (hence being great at recorder)

What other ensembles have you played in or been a part of?
Apart from various ensembles at my schools (as a student and teacher), I was part of the Toowoomba Concert Orchestra while I was studying at uni.

What are some of your other interests outside of the orchestra?
Crochet, reading and I’ve been known to play a computer game or two.

What is your favourite part about playing in the GCPO?
Playing in an ensemble again.

How long have you been playing in the GCPO?
3 months

What is your favourite style of music?
What a tough question. It changes all the time but I love a lot, like more and tolerate almost everything. At the moment, I’d have to say folky, independent music.

What has been you favourite work performed with the orchestra?
Having been with the GCPO for such a short time, there’s not a lot to choose from just yet. I did really enjoy the Olympic fanfare and theme at the concert, so I’ll stick to that.