Justin Hart – Principal Flute

Where were you born?

Who was your most influential person in terms of your music career?
Naomi Terrashima (Teacher, previous principal flute with the orchestra, previous Gold Coast Philharmonic Society president)

Do you play any other instruments?
Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, trombone, Euphonium, bass guitar and percussion (A novice on most!)

What is your occupation?
Instrumental music teacher for education Qld

What other ensembles have you played in or been a part of?
Various chamber groups, duets and trios ranging from wedding gigs, corporate functions, as well as amateur theatre groups and Education Qld Symphony.

What are some of your other interests outside of the orchestra?
Camping, 4×4, boating and music production.

What is your favourite part about playing in the GCPO?
Exposure to repertoire and regular performance opportunities

How long have you been playing in the GCPO?
11 years.

What is your favourite style of music?
Hard to name one! Baroque, Classical, romantic, rock, pop, singer-songwriter. Love it all!

What has been you favourite work performed with the orchestra?
Several come to mind- Faure Pavane, ‘song to the moon’- Rusalka, Jupiter from Holsts ‘the planets’.