Liam Cruz – Youth Conductor 2012

The Star Bright concert will feature the annual Youth Concerto Performance Opportunity and this year will feature Liam Cruz as our Youth Conductor and Mikayla Southam as our Youth violin Soloist. The following is an autobiography of Liam Cruz.

My passion for music began at a young age where I was constantly surrounded by music, as dad played classical music on the morning radio and mum played jazz in the afternoon. In grade 5 I began playing trumpet at school, where it became immediately apparent that music was going to be a large part of my life. Throughout my trumpet playing time I got lessons from various teachers such as; Alex Tronza, Craig Davidson, Jamie Ashe and Jeremy Williamson, all who greatly inspired me in many different ways! Towards the end of grade nine, I was introduced to the French Horn which led me into getting lessons from Ysolt Clarke in Brisbane.

It was around this time that I discovered my passion didn’t lie simply in playing Horn, but more so in conducting. Throughout grade 12, I was given the roll of concertmaster at Benowa High, which gave me the opportunity to conduct the wind orchestra every so often. After having conducted an orchestra I was sure that someway or another, this is what I wanted to do in life. Since then I have done my music extension practical exams in conducting, receiving a very high achievement, assistant musically directed “Suessical” at the Spotlight Theatre and have been given the opportunity to executively musically direct “you’re a good man Charlie brown” which will be the Spotlight Theatre’s opening production in 2013.

I have chosen to conduct Jurassic Park arranged by Calvin Custer, as this song highlights and showcases diverse conducting techniques and is a song which I am very attached to. Having played this arrangement before, I would like to personally say how honored I am to be conducting such a beautiful piece of music in front of such a talented group of people.