Seraphim Trio – Concert Wrap


What a wonderful afternoon! I’m sure that everybody who attended the Masterclasses was amazed at the high quality of the young musicians’ playing, and the many hours of dedicated practice it must have taken to hone their performance of some very challenging repertoire. Certainly, our tutors from the Seraphim Trio were genuinely excited to find such talent here on the Gold Coast. By emphasising the importance of understanding the composer’s intentions, paying attention to tempo, dynamics and balance and conveying the excitement and passion in these works, their tuition brought about an immediate and striking improvement, and some valuable lessons were learned. Congratulations to everybody involved; you made your families, friends, teachers and even we casual observers very proud.

Seraphim (1)

The concert was a chance for the Trio to practice what they preached, and the result was spellbinding! From the elegance and refinement of Haydn, to Schubert’s dreamy euphony and the fiery impetuousness of Beethoven’s Opus 1, the Seraphim Trio demonstrated why they rank among the nation’s elite ensembles. Their meticulous interpretations, glorious sonority, flawless ensemble and the electrifying excitement of their playing will not soon be forgotten by any of those who attended. I extend my gratitude to Anna, Helen and Tim for sharing their beautiful music with us, and to all those volunteers whose efforts made the event possible.

Andy Fawcett, Friends’ Rep